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The difference is clear.

By using the blockchain to record and facilitate payments, freelancers and clients can have greater confidence in the security and integrity of the payment process.

Increased efficiency:

Decentralized platforms can make it easier for freelancers to find work and for clients to find skilled professionals, regardless of their location.

The future of freelancing

Overall, decentralized freelancing can offer many benefits for both freelancers and clients, in the way that work is conducted and paid for.

Eliminate intermediaries

The transactions between freelancers and clients are recorded and facilitated using smart contracts on a blockchain, rather than being mediated by a central authority.


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Increased security

By using a decentralized platform, freelancers and clients can be assured that their transactions are secure and cannot be tampered with.

Greater transparency

Decentralized platforms provide a transparent record of all transactions, which can help to build trust between freelancers and clients.

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100% non custodial Litewallets

A non-custodial wallet is a type of cryptocurrency wallet where the user is in complete control of their private keys. This means that the user is responsible for securing their own digital assets, rather than relying on a third party (such as an exchange or online service) to hold their assets for them.

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