1. Download the wallet, generate a seed, this is your hot wallet..

"Now keep it private in a safe place"

2. In the receive section of your wallet you can export your wallet MPK

3. Update your MPK on the platform, you will need it in order to pay or get paid directly to your wallet later.

4. Place and order as a buyer and you are the first one to make the first move. Top up the balance for the address provided. The address provided can be controlled by you (buyer) and the seller once the order is completed.

5. You need to send a message to start the order once the payment has been made. You will see the amount you've sent and the seller address.

6. The seller delivers the order using the "Deliver order" button.

7. Once the seller had delivered the order, he can request the funds to be released (from the deposit address). The request is made to the buyer. The seller cannot get the funds without the buyer. Nor the buyer without the seller. An agreement must be reached between the two.

8. As a buyer, if you are unhappy with the work, you can decline the request made by the seller and get the order to be delivered once more.

9. If you are happy with the order, you can partially sign the transaction to release the funds to the seller. A notification icon will appear in the top-right corner.

10. The seller can now get the funds out of the deposit address since the transaction has been partially signed by the buyer. A notification icon will appear in the top-right corner.