The Digiwage Platform provides a venue that matches freelancers with buyers, that conduct order processing using digital currency transactions from their personal Digiwage wallets. The built-in ESCROW service ensures that buyer and seller sign off as satisfied, prior to pay-out. WAGE coins, pegged to the market rate in US dollars at the time of contracting, may be “cashed out” into US dollars, or most currencies, by third party exchanges, after the contract completes.
The Digiwage Platform is a global, online matching service for buyers and sellers. Buyers are purchasers of freelance services and sellers are freelancers. The platform facilitates the matching of needs in the form of common fixed priced tasks, named microjobs. In addition, freelancers publish their skill sets and hourly rate, to sell their services based upon time. All payment transactions are conducted in WAGE, the blockchain digital currency of Digiwage. In other words, the Digiwage Platform permits its members to pay for services using the digital currency WAGE.

Buyer members can pick from amongst the posted microjobs and hourlys. Buyers may also request quotes from freelancers for jobs with a clear description, budget, and time period for completion. Prices are listed in US dollars, and transacted in WAGE.

Freelancers can post microjobs and/or hourlys. Microjobs contain a job description, image or sample of work, a cost in US dollars, and a delivery time period. Sales are made in the digital currency WAGE, and can be readily converted to other digital currencies or cash using third party exchange services.

All payments are conducted in a decentralized manner using the WAGE cryptocurrency. Decentralized means that no money is held by the platform, rather the buyer and seller’s own Digiwage wallets engage in an ESCROW (safe) transaction directly, without intervention from the platform.
The WAGE coin is the unit of currency transacted on the Digiwage platform. Each coin has a value, established by buyers and sellers at third party exchanges (where cryptocurrency coins are typically purchased and sold). The value of WAGE is established at the exchanges, between offer and ask prices of buyers and sellers. WAGE, like most cryptocurrencies, is maintained on a world-wide decentralized blockchain, that provides safety and security for its value and use.
Download a digiwage wallet then setup on your personal computer or mobile phone. Register on the Digiwage Platform site at www.digiwage.org then follow the steps to complete your platform profile and electronically connect your platform to your wallet. Then, all site services are available for your use.
Yes, the Digiwage Platform provides an ordering process that is more protective than most available methods, when using digital currency for transactions. Though a dispute can arise, the platform ensures that no money has been sent without proper authorization. However, we protect you for orders on the platform, you must do your part to protect your personal wallet on your own computer, and follow good practices for computer virus protection and backup, etc. We recommend that you actively seek out good practices for personal wallet safety, and keep current as they change with the times.
  • Contact the Freelancer by
  • (1) Go to www.digiwage.org then login and select Account
  • (2) After getting to your dashboard account screen, select Messages. Locate the individual for which you have the transaction.
  • (3) Send them a message explaining your situation in fair terms, and ask for a resolution that you deem fair.
  • (4) Although you made the purchase from the freelancer, and not from the Digiwage Platform, we want to know that you are satisfied. If you are not contacted by the seller within three days, please let us know. Though there is little that the Digiwage Platform has control over, once the payout was completed, we can send out a message as well to the freelancer.
Your Digiwage Platform transaction will be posted to the open ledger blockchain. In order to know, or reference, that you were the one that made the transaction, then someone would need to know your personal wallet address used. If you prefer privacy and no tracing back to yourself, then use the wallet obfuscation function to ensure that no ledger posting is traceable to you. However, if you are not interested or do not want to be bothered, then you can simply use the wallet without pressing that feature. Keep in mind though, that some jurisdictions, like the state of California, require that medical records/services be confidential, so in the event that you reside in California and are purchasing a medical service on the platform, you are required by the state to implement the obfuscation function for your Digiwage Platform order.
No, we do not accept bitcoin or any digital currency, except WAGE. However, Bitcoin, with its trading letters BTC, is traded for WAGE coins on the third party exchange CryptoBridge with this link.

We recommend that you register for CryptoBridge then within its service, deposit your bitcoin then trade them for WAGE coins. There is a ready market of buyers and sellers of WAGE coins, so that at any time you can either buy them or sell them for bitcoin.

Note: Crypto-bridge has no affiliation to the Digiwage Platform, and provides a third party service to exchange WAGE for various digital currencies (primarily bitcoin by volume). The crypto-bridge service is available to any WAGE owner worldwide, regardless of their having a Digiwage Platform account or not.
  • (1) Register with a third party exchange in your home country, by searching for one in a browser search, such as cryptocurrency exchange. There are a number to choose from, and they have different transaction fees and registration requirements, so select the one best for you.
  • (2) After you register, then use your credit card, or Paypal, or other payment method to use your dollars, or euros or whatever your currency is to purchase bitcoin (the most widely traded and accepted cryptocurrency). After you purchased bitcoin, in the amount exceeding the service that you plan to buy on the Digiwage Platform, such as $100, then register with cryptobridge (email and username is all that is required for registration), then buy your wage. Here are the steps:
  • (3) Bitcoin, with its trading letters BTC, is traded for WAGE coins on the third party exchange CryptoBridge with this link.
  • We recommend that you register for CryptoBridge then within its service, deposit your bitcoin then trade them for WAGE coins. There is a ready market of buyers and sellers of WAGE coins, so that at any time you can either buy them or sells them for bitcoin.

    Note: Crypto-bridge has no affiliation to the Digiwage Platform, and provides a third party service to exchange WAGE for various digital currencies (primarily bitcoin by volume). The crypto-bridge service is available to any WAGE owner worldwide, regardless of their having a Digiwage Platform account or not.
  • Afterwards, if you want to “cash-out” then send your excess bitcoin back to your local country third party exchange, and change your bitcoin to dollars, then transfer them to your bank account, for which you signed up with.
  • Donations are conducted outside the Digiwage Platform. Use your personal wallet, either digiwage or bitcoin, to send the funds to the donation address. The Digiwage Platform does not support this function, because it is not a part of our ESCROW, multisignature platform functionality. But, many digital currency owners conduct donations directly from their personal wallets.
    The digiwage platform does not keep a record of your purchased services. However, your personal wallet has a record of all transactions conducted under the transactions tab. The line items include the transaction’s date and time, type (such as one from the digiwage platform), its address (usually a label appears instead of an address because it is easily understood), and the amount (in WAGE coins). You can double-click on a transaction line item for further details, such as its transaction number on the blockchain, etc.
    At the present time, the service is free. There is no service charge to use the Digiwage platform. However, as with any digital currency, there are transaction fees associated with spending WAGE, and these fees are currently less than one cent ($0.01) per transaction, and this small amount is a negligible sum.
  • Desktop and laptop browsers supported on the Digiwage Platform include:
  • ● Google Chrome (63 and beyond)
  • ● Mozilla Firefox (58 and beyond)
  • ● Internet Explorer (11 and beyond)
  • ● Microsoft Edge (17 and beyond)
  • ● Apple Safari (11 and beyond)
  • Mobile and Tablet browser support includes:
  • ● Google Chrome ver 64 and beyond for Android 7 and beyond
  • ● Chrome Mobile for IOS 65 and beyond on iOS 11.3 and beyond
  • ● Safari Mobile ver 11 and beyond on iOS 11.2 and beyond
  • Use the registration form on the www.digiwage.org platform site. First, provide an email (used for verification) and a password, and read and agree to the terms and conditions. Then, complete the profile form where you select a unique username, that other platform members will reference you by, so select wisely and carefully. At this point, you are registered on the site, but do not have full access to all features, such as buying or selling. To gain full access, download the Digiwage wallet and open in and encrypt it with a secret passphrase (please keep this passphrase safe and backup the wallet as per safe cryptocurrency wallet practices). Then, the last step is to go to the platform section and generate a wallet public identification number then login to the Digiwage platform and paste it and save it to your profile, then have your wallet confirm the match. Upon electronic confirmation between your personal Digiwage wallet on your device (desktop computer, phone, etc.) and the Digiwage Platform, then you can post jobs, buy jobs, and use all available services.
    The digiwage platform will provide you with a ready work-force of freelancers holding a variety of skills that can work hourly to make your business production needs efficient and effective. This workforce is also available to perform common tasks named microjobs for a set price in a relatively short period of time, and all you need to do is to supply your information clearly, so that the freelancers can carry out their jobs successfully. Further, you may also post your requirements as a Buyer Request in order to receive more than one quotation from freelancers, thereby giving your business a competitive selection process to weigh the best combination of quality and price for your purchase. Browse the Digiwage platform categories to see the wide variety of services offered that can help your business, and with freelancers, you are not required to give a full-time on-site commitment. There are many advantages to this widely accepted and growing world-wide workforce.
    The digiwage platform will provide you with a world-wide audience of buyers that seek qualified suppliers for commonly performed tasks (microjobs). You can encapsulate your skills into a discrete task that is simply described, with clear expectations on the deliverable, along with a budget and time period to complete. Further, you can list your skill sets within a field of work, and a US dollar rate then offer them by the hour. For example, you may offer your virtual assistant rate lower than your project management rate. You can show off your capabilities within the member profile section by adding portfolios of your own work. Browse the Digiwage Platform categories to see the wide service offering, and if you offer a new type of service, then contact us to create a new subcategory or category for your offer. And, be aware, freelancers often enjoy flexible hours, and increased client base, and the opportunity to pick and choose which job they accept.
    No, the services purchase contract is between the buyer, or employer, and the seller, or freelancer. The personal wallet under control of the buyer and the seller consummate the deal, at a WAGE market rate at the time of arranging. The digiwage platform acts as a vehicle for matching, but does not take money, nor act as a central authority in the purchase agreement. The agreement is between the buyer and seller and under their control. However, the participants may request that the platform administrator facilitate the resolution of a dispute or cancellation of the contract, and the administrator can sign to facilitate after an invitation only. However, at no time does the Digiwage Platform pay anyone.

    User Profile, Membership Profile

    To change your user profile:

    (1) Go to www.digiwage.org;

    (2) Select Login from the menu;

    (3) Enter your email and password to login;

    (4) After logging in, you will see the top menu has changed, with your username on the far right. Select the downward facing triangle beside your username to see the drop-down menu, then select “Account”;

    (5) On the left portion of the page, look below your profile image and description for the button titled, “Edit” to the right of the pencil icon. Press the “Edit” button to change your profile.

    (6) After changing your profile press the “Save” button located in the center of the screen, below your profile information.

    (7) To see your profile as displayed, select the downward facing triangle beside your username on the far right of the top-screen menu, and see the drop-down menu, then select “Profile” to see your profile as it is displayed to members of the Digiwage Platform (buyers and freelancers);

    (8) If the profile needs further editing then select the downward facing triangle beside your username to see the drop-down menu, then select “Account”
    No, the digiwage platform has a single profile for all members. Every profile has one set of login credentials, and a username that is fixed to the account, and cannot be changed.
    A tag line is typically used by a Digiwage member to describe his or her business in about 60 characters or less. It is a very brief statement about the user.
    ▪ Freelancers gain exposure to buyers by completing the description as a detailed and accurate presentation of their capabilities, along with advantages and benefits of them. It helps to gain buyers to fill out the description.

    ▪ Buyers need their offers accepted by freelancers in order to get a purchase contract on the Digiwage platform. It behooves buyers to facilitate the acceptance by describing themselves or their business. Sometimes freelancers want to work for a particular buyer because of their location, or that new skills may be learned on the job, or other reasons.
    The digiwage platform has no requirements for the image uploaded, other than one must be uploaded to complete a profile. However, the digiwage platform strongly recommends that freelancers provide a photograph of themselves, as it helps to establish a better presence for the freelancer network by Digiwage. Companies or employers or buyers can upload logos, but it is preferred to use a person’s photograph as the digiwage users and members are people performing services and digiwage aspires to instill trust and cooperation between users.
    Never. A username is fixed within the account profile at the time of setup. Please choose your username carefully and wisely as other members will refer to you by that name on the site. And, it is attached to your ratings, that accumulate over time with jobs completed.
    Yes, you may change your personal wallet at any time. Login to the Digiwage Platform then select Account. Next, select Edit, or the pencil icon, underneath your profile image, in order to edit your profile. Next, using your new digiwage personal wallet, copy its Public address into the profile for where it is labeled, “Public Address (Linked to an unique username on the blockchain database)” then press save, then using your personal wallet, intiate the electronic handshake between your personal wallet and your platform profile then see the word SUCCESS in red letters within your wallet confirming a successful connection.
    ▪ To add a portfolio:
    (1) Go to www.digiwage.org

    (2) Select Login from the menu;

    (3) Enter your email and password to login;

    (4) After logging in, you will see the top menu has changed, with your username on the far right. Select the downward facing triangle beside your username to see the drop-down menu, then select “Account”;
    (5) Scroll down the page to see the word “Portfolio below a briefcase icon, and encapsulated within and orange rectangle. If you find the Portfolio is encapsulated in a grey rectangle, then use your cursor to select it and the color will change to orange.

    (6) After selecting the Portfolio, you will see on the right side of the screen, a circle with a plus sign located inside it. Press this button to add a portfolio. Or, if you wish to edit or delete your current portfolio, you will see it on the left side of the screen. Below the picture and description of a portfolio are an icon of a pencil indicated editing, and a trashcan icon, indicating the intention to delete the portfolio.
    To close your account:
    (1) Go to www.digiwage.org;

    (2) Select Login from the menu;

    (3) Enter your email and password to login;

    (4) After logging in, you will see the top menu has changed, with your username on the far right. Select the downward facing triangle beside your username to see the drop-down menu, then select “Give Feedback”;

    (5) Complete the survey then Express your intentions in the form;
    To liquidate your WAGE, go to the crypto-bridge decentralized exchange. Login and select Deposit/Withdraw. From the dropdown menu on the left, type in WAGE then chose the WAGE coin. From the tab selection on the right, select deposit. Using the copy button below your crypto-bridge WAGE deposit address, select “copy” to copy the address. Then, open your personal digiwage wallet and see the balance of coins available and note it. Then select SEND, then paste the address into the SEND address. Click SEND at the bottom of the screen then enter in your passphrase and confirm that you would like to send the coins. After the coins have been sent, wait several minutes for them to arrive at crypto-bridge then to the crypto-bridge BTC and WAGE buy sell page at https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.WAGE_BRIDGE.BTC , and sell your WAGE. Then, go back to the Deposit/Withdraw tab at Crypto-Bridge and withdraw your bitcoin, by sending it to your bitcoin wallet at a third-party exchange that is authorized to perform bitcoin to cash conversions and withdraws. The Digiwage Platform does not recommend nor endorse any third party exchange that converts bitcoin to cash or vice versa. Their service offering varies and prices vary due to regulations and owners. We do recommend that you find one located in your home country as it may be easier for you to be serviced. Note: Crypto-bridge has no affiliation to the Digiwage Platform, and provides a third party service to exchange WAGE for various digital currencies (primarily bitcoin by volume). The crypto-bridge service is available to any WAGE owner worldwide, regardless of their having a Digiwage Platform account or not.

    To delete your Digiwage personal wallet, backup first then follow the standard uninstall procedure for software programs, per your desktop or device’s operating system.
    Accounts may be suspended or disabled or permanently closed when a user posts prohibited content to the Digiwage platform, or communicates to digiwage members in an offensive manner, or for any reason at all ,as determined by the Digiwage administrator, but this occurrence rarely happens in, very few cases.
    We request that you contact us as soon as possible by forwarding the email to [email protected] Then, delete it.

    Digiwage Wallets

    A digiwage personal wallet is a user’s wallet. A Digiwage platform user must first setup a personal wallet on their device (e.g., computer, phone) in order to make full use of the platform. In other words, the user needs the wallet to use the platform functionality of buying and selling. There is no online wallet, it is the user wallet located on their device. The user sets up the wallet, creates a password for it, and maintains control and responsibility of it. The wallet is likened to a personal bank account. And, if the user looses the account passphrase or their device breaks, then the user will need to get their backup or go to their storage place for the passphrase, or else with no wallet access then all wallet money is inaccessible and cannot be used by anyone, ever. Digiwage is never entrusted with the user’s passphrase nor wallet software backup, and therefore has no capability to provide assistance for it. So, it is very important for users to backup their wallet software, keep their passphrase safe, and be prepared in case of an unexpected problem with the wallet. After downloading the proper wallet for the user’s device or computer, then install it per the instructions, generate the public identification number, copy that to your platform profile, then electronically confirm it from the personal wallet, then the digiwage personal wallet is setup and ready to use for Digiwage platform sales or purchases. Users are encouraged to seek out and learn about personal digital currency wallet practices and maintain current knowledge about their vulnerabilities and backup methodologies. Third party services and devices regarding wallets are available. Digiwage does not endorse nor recommend them. Users make personal wallet safety and backup decisions, and take full responsibility for them.
    To use the Digiwage wallet, it must first fully synchronize to the blockchain. During or after wallet installation make sure that there is no antivirus blocking of the wallet (set the wallet as a trusted program if necessary). If the Digiwage wallet opens and begins to gather the blockchain data (as seen by the progress bar counting at the bottom of the wallet page) then it is working properly. Permit the counting progress bar to complete the installation and synchronization process. The progress bar disappears upon completion. A first time, or initial progress bar may require several minutes or longer, depending upon the user’s internet connection speed. After the progress bar is gone, then encrypt the wallet with a passphrase and store the passphrase as needed, and backup the wallet to an external device (and an external device means that it is different from the one just installed upon. It is separate, and stored separately). These practices are for backup and safety in the unlikely event that the main device fails, or the passphrase is forgotten. The wallet is now ready to use. See this link to connect the Digiwage wallet to the Digiwage platform. See this link for general wallet use. See this link to purchase WAGE and send it into your personal wallet.
    For Digiwage wallet support during installation, send a message to [email protected] and describe the problem. Please provide your device description, the version number for the wallet, and preferably a screen capture of the error message or issue. A support reply will be provided within 24 hours.
    Open the control panel on the computer or device, then go the the programs section, select the Digiwage Wallet, then select uninstall.
    No, the wallet will be recreated each time, and all money previously transacted is lost, and there is no record of it.
    Contact Digiwage Platform Support by using the link on your Account page. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

    Services – Buyers or Employers Section

    There are several methods to locate the services needed. Popular methods include browsing by category. Another method is to search by the service name, or a portion of its description (e.g., “remove background”, or the word “transparent” for remove photograph background providing a transparent background.) Buyers can also post Buying Requests that specify services needed.
    After locating the specific posting for the service that meets the service requirements, select that posting so that it provides its full page view. On the right side of the page, in the upper portion is a button to order. Press the order button. After pressing, a status message will appear, and it will say awaiting seller acceptance. So, at this point, wait for the seller to review the order and accept it.
    The digiwage platform provides a messaging service whereby buyers of services or sellers of services (freelancers) can communicate with one another. To send a message to a freelancer, select their posting so that it provides its full page view, then press the conversation icon in the upper center of the screen. Then, type your message into the message bar toward the lower portion of the screen and when finished and you are ready to send the message, select the paper airplane icon to the right. This will send the message to the freelancer, and it will appear in the dialogs above, demonstrating that it was successfully sent to the freelancer.
    The digiwage platform messages are the most common way to provide information for delivered services. As is often the case, many services delivered are comprised of electronic files. These may be files in various formats, such as graphic image formats, word processing or spreadsheet, and there may be more than one and they may require little or much storage. There are many different size and quantity differences in serviced electronic file deliveries. The responsibility for delivery lies with the freelancer to safely and efficiently get the files to the buyer. Often, a link is provided within the message, and the link leads to a third-party file sharing service, such as google drive, or a shared link with dropbox. In general, communicating outside the platform is frowned upon, and not recommended, because it can cause problems in the unlikely event that there is a dispute in the service delivery and the digiwage administrator is not able to see, reliably, and within the digiwage messaging network, the complete set of communications, so it makes intervention decisions more difficult.So please refrain from messaging outside the platform during jobs and only use third party file sharing for deliveries.
    Contact the seller to have an invoice sent. The Digiwage Platform does not provide an invoice, as it did not sell the services.
    The digiwage platform provides a two-factor rating system. The first factor is a star rating, where a single star is the lowest rating and five stars is the best, or maximum rating. The second factor in the rating system is the buyer’s review in his or her own words. The space available is ample, including room for several long sentences, to describe the service rendered and review it, for the benefit of other buyers on the digiwage platform. Other buyers will consider reviews when making a purchase decision, so be cautious yet accurate in your honest assessment.
    We apologize that there is an issue or difficulty with your account or purchasing. We are available to assist you. But first, here are some things to try:

    ● Verify that you are entering the email and password associated with the Digiwage Platform correctly into the login form.

    ● If you are able to login, and not able to start the order, then calculate the US dollar value of WAGE coins that is available to spend from your Digiwage personal wallet.

    ● If you have more than enough coins available, then unlock your wallet by the top downdown menu Settings>>Unlock Wallet,and type in your passphrase. Next, select the Send tab within your personal Digiwage wallet. Then, select the inputs button that is underneath the words, “Coin Control Features.” If you do not see this button, and it is located directly beneath the tab titled, Overview, then it must be enabled for viewing—so make this quick setup change to your wallet. From the top, dropdown menu within your digiwage personal wallet, select Settings>>Options. Click on the Wallet tab. Check the box to the left of the words, “Enable Coin Control Features” then press okay. Next, go back to the Send tab then select the button named Inputs. Now, look for a locked padlock icon beside one or more addresses. Unlock the proper addresses by right clicking on the address row then selecting “unlock” from the drop-down menu (and you should know these addresses by their labels). Then, try to complete your Platform order.
    ● If it still doesn’t work then contact Digiwage Platform Customer Support.
    >▪ The Digiwage Platform will never ask you for any password. The Digiwage platform will not ask you for your member password. The Digiwage platform will not ask you for your personal wallet passphrase. Never provide your Digiwage Platform password to anyone. Never provide your personal wallet passphrase to anyone.

    ▪ You will never receive and invoice from the Digiwage Platform asking for payment.
    The digiwage platform is designed for safe, ESCROW payments using the digital currency WAGE. To purchase with your credit cards or paypal, it is done indirectly, by performing the following steps.
    ● Using your browser, search the internet for a credible site that accepts credit card or paypal payments to purchase the digital currency bitcoin (BTC). Be sure that you are buying BTC and not a variant of that name. Also, you may want to shop fees, as they vary significantly. You will need to use the services of an online wallet for bitcoin, or setup your own bitcoin wallet (either online or on your desktop computer or mobile phone).

    ● Next, transfer the bitcoin to crypto-bridge and buy WAGE with it. Go to the third party exchange CryptoBridge with this link.

    We recommend that you register for CryptoBridge then within its service, deposit your bitcoin then trade them for WAGE coins. There is a ready market of buyers and sellers of WAGE coins, so that at any time you can either buy them or sells them for bitcoin. And, if you want to “cash-out” then back to your original third party exchange to change bitcoin to dollars, or your preferred currency, then transfer to your bank account.

    Services – Freelancer, or Seller Section

    A microjob posted on the Digiwage platform is a specific service task, often a common task, that a freelancer will perform for a fixed price within a set time period. For example, a microjob can be a graphic designer freelancer that posts a specific task that is to remove the background from simple product photos. The microjob in this example specifies the quantity five photographs, and the price in US dollars as ten dollars, and the time period for processing the order is four days. Microjobs capture buyers with common needs and funnel them in to purchasing fixed priced jobs, and some buyers may purchase several of the same job by increasing the quantity provided, in order to meet their requirements.
    All participants in the Digiwage platform must register with the platform, download a personal digiwage wallet, connect their personal wallet indentification number to their user profile on the platform, then they have full access to the site and its functionality. At this point, the freelancer can post microjobs. It is the responsibility of the freelancer to setup their microjob as a specific task, for a fixed cost to the buyer, and that they can reasonably perform it within the time period specified. Some freelancers examine other freelance microjobs and feedback in order to educate themselves in best practices that will lead to successful microjob delivery and repeat orders.
    A user must be at least eighteen years old, have an electronic device connected to the internet so as to utilize the platform for registration, a valid email account for verification, and download and setup the Digiwage personal wallet. Buyers need to purchase WAGE coins so they will need to utilize the services of the third-party exchange in order acquire cryptocurrency or bitcoin. Bitcoin can be sold for WAGE coins on the decentralized exchange crypto-bridge. Safeguards and backup for the Digiwage wallet is a serious matter and users are advised and strongly recommended to educate themselves, follow best practices, and keep current on this matter. The digiwage platform profile and portfolios provide an opportunity for the freelancer and buyer to represent themselves and the digiwage platforms encourages honest and thorough representations, as it builds trust within the platform.Although this answers the question regarding the platform requirements, it is the user's responsibility to know and abide by all laws governing their actions, and to act responsibly and appropirately.
    The Digiwage platform is a child-safe platform that permits buyers of services to purchase from freelander sellers. No adult or prohibited content is permitted. Click here for a guide on prohibited content. Services are managed through the freelancer’s dashboard. A dropdown menu under the tab named Selling, shows two service management selections. The first is “Manage Microjobs”, that when pressed, will open a page showing the freelancer active microjobs. Each microjob thumbnail item is a link that will open up its own page, and is available for editing and saving, as well as deleting. The second selection from the dashboard dropdown tab named selling is titled, “Manage Hourlys” where the same format and capabilities have been applied, but to hourly rated jobs for the freelancer skills sets, or a set of skills within an hourly, and multiple hourly postings.
    Planning is the first step for the freelancer. In the planning process, identify the common need or specific task that can be performed and with the available resources. Calculate the investment then determine the selling price. Next, using a word processor or text editor, write up the description. Revise as needed. Also, create or acquire a graphic image that is represented of your work. On the digiwage site, research the categories and subcategories for your new listing. Decide whether to use an existing category or create a new one. At this point, you are ready to login and post the microjob.
    1) Go to www.digiwage.org;
    (2) Select Login from the menu;
    (3) Enter your email and password to login;
    (4) After logging in, you will see the top menu has changed, with your username on the far right. Select the downward facing triangle beside your username to see the drop-down menu, then select “Account”;
    (5) Select the dropdown menu named selling and select “Post a Microjob”
    (6) Complete the form, noting that all items or fields marked with an asterix are required for the SAVE button to activate. If the SAVE button does nothing, then check your form as it likely is not fully completed.
    ▪ The Digiwage Platform will never ask you for your any password. The Digiwage platform will not ask you for your member password. The Digiwage platform will not ask you for your personal wallet passphrase. Never provide your Digiwage Platform password to anyone. Never provide your personal wallet passphrase to anyone.

    ▪ You will never receive and invoice from the Digiwage Platform asking for payment.
    Once an order has been accepted by the freelancer, and you paid the ESCROW to start the job, then the order service purchased may or may not have been begun by the freelancer. You need to contact the freelancer as soon as possible and explain that you would like to cancel the order. Try to reach an agreement as quickly as possible then contact the Digiwage Platform Administrator with your agreement.
    If your transaction failed to send the WAGE into ESCROW, and shows a red text message PENDING ESCROW, and does not change to green ESCROW PAID, then take the steps below.

    ● On your account menu select “Dashboard”

    ● On the left side of the page, beneath your profile image, select the pencil icon with the word edit, to edit your profile form.

    ● Within your profile form, examine the item titled, “ Public Address (Linked to an unique username on the blockchain database)” Make sure that this value matches the item with the name “User public address”, located within your personal Digiwage Wallet under the tab named “Platform”

    ● After visual confirmation, then in your personal Digiwage wallet, go to the platform tab, then press the “refresh” button that is located to the far right of your user public address. See the status bar change to connecting, then SUCCESS in red. If the word SUCCESS does not appear, then try again.

    Internet Scams and Phishing

    ▪ Do not follow any requests to make Digiwage Platform service payments outside of the Digiwage network (platform combined with personal Digiwage wallet). The ESCROW built in to our combination, multisignature protocol protects users. The Digiwage Platform will never ask you to make a transaction outside of the Digiwage network.

    ▪ Requests for Digiwage wallet passphrases, and passwords

    ▪ WAGE payments or donations to someone that you do not know and is not rated on the platform. Try to research the seller background, ask them for it so that you can make your best decision.

    ▪ Payments from you, in order to receive a large sum of money. Do not use the Digiwage Platform to purchase services to claim lottery or prize winnings, or to receive a large sum of money.

    ▪ Payments from you to guarantee a credit card or a loan.

    ▪ Offers that you receive, that you are not sure are honest. If a seller is offering a service far below market value and says that they need to sell it in a hurry, then do not proceed with the arrangement.

    ▪ Payments or donations to someone whose identity you can’t confirm (sure, there are people that want to be anonymous in the digital currency world, but you can ask, perhaps, additional questions that provide sufficient background information, in leui of their name, in order to make a better informed decision).
    ▪ You may receive an email that looks like it came from the Digiwage Platform, as it has the same branding and name, but is not, in fact, from Digiwage and was sent by an imposter. You may be asked by the imposter, posing as a person from the Digiwage Platform, to provide your account information and password or your personal wallet password. Or, you may be directed to a false website that asks for this information. These false websites can steal information from you, or implant bad software on your computer. They will use the stolen information, and may use it to attempt to send the money from your personal wallet to themselves, or conduct other transactions with your money. Here are key points to inspect an incoming email, to determine if it is from the Digiwage Platform.

    ● The Digiwage Platform, in an email or on the website, will never ask for your personal Digiwage wallet passphrase, or a backup of your wallet software.

    ● The Digiwage Platform, in an email, will never ask for your Digiwage Platform password.

    ● The Digiwage Platform will never email attachments. Be wary or suspicious of attachments, as the attachment may contain a virus or malware that could infect your computer. A best practice is to delete the email.

    ● Examine the email for grammatical and typographical errors, as often imposters lack a good education in English writing, and they also fail to proofread.

    ● Examine the email return address. Does it read digiwage.org or is it a variation of that from an imposter, for example digiwage.abcco.org, or digiwageservices.org. These two variation examples, that include the name digiwage, are different from the digiwage address, and therefore a fraudulent email. These addresses may be inside the email as a link that you are instructed to click or visit (so read the address when your mouse or cursor hovers overtop the link, to be sure that it is a genuine Digiwage Platform page.

    ● Variation of fraudulent link addresses may also take this form, and it is a little harder to discern from the prior examples. A fraudulent link can take this syntax: http://123.456.789/digiwage.org/...
    ● Sometimes, a spoofed email has you visit their website inadvertently because when you click anywhere on its text, it is a link to their site.

    ● If you inadvertently open or land on a fraudulent website, then close the window to depart as soon as possible.

    ● If you landed on a fraudulent website and entered in your account information, then leave it. Next, log into your Digiwage Platform account and change the password. If you gave out your personal wallet passphrase, then log into your Digiwage wallet and change the passphrase as soon as possible.

    ● Report Phishing, spoofed, and fraudulent emails to the Digiwage Platform using [email protected] if you are concerned or have been a victim. The Digiwage Platform has responsibility for the platform account, but unfortunately, the personal wallet is entirely within your responsibility, so be prudent by being watchful and careful, and follow safe cryptocurrency wallet practices and keep current with safe practices, as they change over time.

    This section of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) focuses upon the Digiwage Wallet, as it relates to the Digiwage Platform. The only information included is platform-specific questions and answers for your personal Digiwage wallet. If you need general wallet support, then see this link.

    Wallet Support for Platform functionality

    ▪ The platform tab of your personal digiwage wallet contains three sections named Digiwage Platform, Pending Escrows, and Pending Signatures

    ▪ The Digiwage Platform section contains your setup information that is needed to electronically connect your wallet to your platform user account. This is done by means of matching a uniquely coded wallet address between the wallet and your platform profile. To setup the wallet address, you will first need to generate it within your wallet then paste it into the User Public Address.

    ▪ To generate an address select the “Receive” tab in the wallet. Create a label for the receiving address, such as “Digiwage Platform Buyer [your platform username].” Then, click the “Request Payment” button. If you previously used a receive payment address, and would prefer to use it again, then locate it within the list of receiving addresses and double-click on it or select it by pressing the button in the lower left corner with the pencil icon with the label “Show”.

    ▪ A popup will show a QR code, along with the text for the created user public address. Press the “copy address” and not the URI, you want copy address.

    ▪ Go to the “Platform” tab then paste the address into the public user address field.
    Yes, this will happen from time to time with slower internet connections to your internet service provider.